Okay so, I had this idea just now.

You know how the fedi is powered by activitypub? It's the protocol that lets servers send stuff to each other, and store it.

The thing is, when I was reading the spec it noted that there isn't much difference between client-server and server-server communication. Basically the same protocol.

So like, could we do something weird with that idea?

Spin up a bunch of different fedi services (mastodon, pixelfed, bookwrym, etc). They don't talk to each other, or the rest of the fedi. Then, spin up a server that those services can federate with. The rest of the fediverse can talk to that gateway server, but they can't reach the ones behind the gateway.

Since the gateway just aggregates the stuff on the backend servers, it means the rest of the fediverse can interact with the backend server indirectly, thinking that it's just one server.

Then, you can spin up and shutdown different servers when you feel like it. The data mostly lives in the gateway. So the backend servers are basically interchangeable.

I like interchangeable parts.

Basically, have all the servers act like the client, and the gateway as the server.

Oh hell yes. Now I've got one too.

Gooooood. >:)