Señoras y señores, venimos a contar, aquello que la historia no quiere recordar.

To all of you who are here, we have come here to share that which our history does not want to recall.

Pasó en el Norte Grande, fue Iquique la ciudad, mil novecientos siete marcó fatalidad, allí al pampino pobre mataron por matar.

It happened Farthest North Iquique was the city, nineteen oh seven – the year year of the atrocity, where the poorest pampinos all were slain in vain

Seremos los hablantes, diremos la verdad, verdad que es muerte amarga de obreros del salar.

We will be the narrators we will tell you the truth, the truth, was the most bitter of truths workers' deaths on the salt flats

Recuerden nuestra historia de duelo sin perdón por más que el tiempo pase no hay nunca que olvidar

Recall this our grieving story that no one should forgive, even as the time keeps going by, it shall never be forgotten.

Ahora les pedimos que pongan atención. Ahora les pedimos que pongan atención.

Now we ask of you all listen please carefully Now we ask of you all listen please carefully

I guess my next few posts will be the about the translation of a cantata I said I'd do.

I will throw in some comments about the process. Translating anything that has rhythm is weird, to say the least.

I have this cute little blue and green resin owl.


Is this thing on?